Start-up investing

Invest in innovation that may conquer the market!

Young companies are always managed by people full of ideas, energy and motivation. The undeniable advantage of start-ups is their driving force to achieve sustainable development and improvement. An innovative product or service that perfectly fits the needs of the market is a good recipe for success. A well-targeted marketing strategy can significantly decrease the risk of failure but it’s the availability of capital that ultimately determines success.

Nowadays there are a lot of technology start-ups in Poland. Some are located in great hubs like technology parks, others act independently. But each of them has a talented team who work on unique technologies which may change our reality. To achieve that ambitious goal a lot of research and experimental development is needed, and furthermore, when after all the accomplished product or service is to enter the market, a marketing campaign shall start. Those activities are necessary for a start-up to succeed. And they will, thanks to your financial support, investor! And remember, your gain is not only the huge profit you can earn when the project achieves commercial success, but also your participation and role in deciding the course of development.

Our approach

We will search for you to find technological innovation projects with the highest potential for successful commercialisation. We can find and identify the most promising start-ups in any development phase, in the conceptual or product-market-fit stage. We cooperate only with young companies who can prove to us that their invention can conquer the market!