Investment properties

Purchase a property as working capital!

Real estate is a smart investment today. Its value always goes up with time. But a property which earns for itself and for the owner as well is a real treasure. Nowadays there are numerous attractive investment properties in Poland which can give you quick return on invested capital and a constant annual profit. Let your property work for you!

Poland is an extremely interesting country where you can invest your capital and expect considerable profits on it. A well-targeted investment in a property can bring you an above-average rate of return on investment, much higher than in Western Europe. In Poland, an investment in a hotel, retail park or commercial office building can generate an annual return from 8 up to 12%, which, for example, in the Netherlands has been unattainable for a long time. The acquisition and reactivation of a closed production hall can also become very profitable for the industrial investor due to the low production costs in Poland.

What is your benefit from working with us?

What is important is that after purchasing the property, we also acquire for you its operator, who will make sure it starts earning money. As an equity investor, you don’t have to worry about its maintenance. That’s the job of its operator. You earn money only on the rent.

Thanks to cooperation with renowned architectural offices and real estate brokerage agencies we can offer you a wide range of investment properties, both existing buildings and those that will be built thanks to your capital.

Currently we deal with the following types of real estate:


Industrial properties

(Production halls, warehouses)

Commercial properties

(Hotels, retail parks, office buildings, private dormitories)