PL Point Consulting

Your business agent in Poland

PL Point was established to support international companies in their investments in Poland. We help investors make a good start in their new Polish business ventures.

Welcome to our Homepage

As multilingual Poles we are perfectly familiar with the Polish market and the international business culture as well. Using these skills we can easily meet your needs and so you will be able to launch your Polish business venture smoothly and efficiently.

Do you wish to:


acquire a resident production company?


become a high-tech start-up investor?


purchase a real estate investment property?

If you answered „yes“ at least to one of the questions above, then you have just found your business agent in Poland. Together we will reach your goal, because your goal is our goal.

What can we do for you?



Acquisition of a resident production company? Don’t worry about it! We will seek a matching enterprise for you.

With the whole company you will also take over:

  • qualified staff,
  • ongoing contracts,
  • the customer base,
  • movable assets and real estate,
  • know-how!

Investment properties

A property that earns for itself and for the owner?

Now it’s possible in Poland too! By purchasing a hotel, retail park or private student dormitory you need only several years for a full return on investment and afterwards you gain only pure profit!


High-tech start-ups

Investment in an innovative technology start-up?

Good Idea! With a little bit of luck the business venture can conquer the market and give you a huge profit! We can introduce you to many young high-tech businesses in Poland which are no doubt very promising.

Why Poland?

Poland is the largest market in Central and Eastern Europe (population: 38 million, area: 312.000 m²).
A major beneficiary of EU funds: in the funding period 2014-2020 the country will receive about 80 billion EUR.
The fast growing motorway network is well connected to Central and Western Europe.
Solid economic growth since the early 1990s: the Polish economy grew by 4.6% in 2017!
The economy of the country is shaped by the services sector (67.3% of GDP), mainly based on logistics, trade, finance and the ICT sector.
Numerous production plants have been established inside special economic zones and industrial parks. Many business and technology parks are ideal locations for call centers or high tech businesses.
Local authorities are very eager to cooperate with new investors.
Reliable professionals: highly educated (nearly 40%), multilingual (46% can speak two foreign languages), efficient and loyal.
The corporate tax is set at only 19%!
Due to the low cost of living salaries are significantly more favorable than in Western Europe. For this reason professionals cost less.