Business Acquisition

We’ll find you a suitable business

Do you have plans to purchase an operating company? That’s a smart idea! A takeover can give you numerous benefits.

What are the gains of business acquisition?

You take over an operating company with contracts, staff, assets and goodwill.
You don’t have to hire new employees. The majority of the existing staff has been connected with the company for years.
You don’t need to conquer the market again. You take over the complete customer base.
You become the owner of a company with a good name in the domestic market.
Together with the company you acquire all its tangible and intangible assets including licences, patents and know-how which have always their market value.

Our specialisation

We are specialists in business transactions in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises. We operate primarily in the following industries:

  • Construction supply (construction products, building materials, prefabricated components),
  • Industrial building and installation services (road construction, building construction, construction of drains and pipelines, hydraulic engineering etc.),
  • Product manufacturing of all kinds (plastics, wood, steel etc.),
  • Metallurgical industry (metal fabrication, metalworking),
  • Transport and logistics.

Other industries also possible upon request!